What We Do

Our Services

At Tamkeen Almusanadah, we provide integrated and diversified solutions, under the supervision of a professional and integrated team of experts, technicians, and highly qualified and experienced workers for all commercial, economic, and recreational activities such as the sectors of:

(Almusanadah) Manpower

Tamkeen Amusanadah delivers skilled and competent manpower workers who comply with legal requirements and are matched to the needs of the client by ensuring their eligibility.

Operation and Maintenance

With Tamkeen Amusanadah, you can have an integrated work team and highly qualified manpower to carry out maintenance and operation services in your facility. The workforce is selected through high procedures and standards that enable us to provide you with the service in the fastest time and with the best possible quality.

Cleaning Services

We provide integrated solutions to preserve your property and to ensure the sustainability and continuity of your business without interruption or interruption, by providing a qualified and trained workforce that was selected through a screening mechanism and interviews with recruitment specialists with long experience in this field.

Loading and Unloading

We provide a qualified and enthusiastic team to provide loading and unloading services. One of the most important standards that we follow at Tamkeen is training the workforce on safety and security standards and procedures

Why Us?



Supplying manpower to all sectors and providing high-quality recruitment services to meet the needs of our customers in the fastest time and lowest costs.


Warranty and Quality

We provide solutions that are efficiently designed to ensure the highest standards of quality and public safety.



Our success and distinction come from the presence of a strong team of experts who can provide a highly qualified workforce and professional team through value-added solutions to our clients, with outstanding customer service from start to finish.